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Using moving container companies to move furniture and personal belongings via Smartbox, U-Haul, etc. is becoming more and more popular. Not only are they more efficient to move with, but they are also a cheaper alternative compared to traditional moving companies. Luckily, with the growing expansion of container companies, there are plenty to choose for your own move. In this article, we will be going through the top eight moving container companies in the United States to decide which will be best suited to meet your moving needs.

1. U-Haul

One of the most popular moving container companies in the nation is U-Haul. They offer an affordable U-Box service in which you get to use a 7.6’ x 5’ x 8’ moving container that can hold up to 2,000 pounds of your household belongings. If you’re looking to move a three to four level home, U-Haul highly recommends using up to five U-Boxes to better store your belongings for your move.

The best thing about the U-Haul boxes is that they are made of a durable, heavy-duty plywood, including secure and on-site storing options provided by U-haul. Plus, if you plan on storing your U-Box outdoors, it will be covered with a protected cover to keep it safe.

One of the most exclusive features that U-Haul offers compared to its competitors is the ability to get your own customer-designed trailer that can tow your personal vehicle. Additionally, U-Haul also offers for their special manufacturer trucks to transport a number of your U-Boxes. Not to mention, U-Haul employs professional movers to help you empty or fill your containers.

2. ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack offers a type of moving container called a ReloCube that measures to 6.3’ x 7’ x 8.4’. ABF says that just one container is enough to fit one room full of furniture and boxes. Plus, their ReloCubes are weatherproofed and have steel framing, along with aluminum siding for additional protection. A ReloCube also fits easily on the ground, for easier access when unloading or loading your furniture and boxes.

When shipping your dedicated container, U-Pack offers three different types of delivery, flatbed trailer, lift-gate van, or drop-deck trailer. Since U-Pack uses ABF delivery, they are capable of delivering your storage container safer and more reliable than other competitors.

3. 1-800-Pack-Rat

1-800-Pack-Rat offers two portable storage containers that come in either 12-feet or 16-feet units. The 12-foot container is best for those with smaller furniture and boxes to move since it is capable of holding up to two rooms of personal belongings. The 16-foot container, on the other hand, is capable of holding up to an entire house of belongings, due to the fact that it can hold up to four rooms of belongings.

Pack Rat’s containers are fully made of steel, with a steel frame, walls, door, and skids that allow for up to six inches of clearance from the ground. This way, your belongings can stay dryer and more protected from inclement weather. Additionally, 1-800-Pack-Rat offers long-distance and local moving.

4. Door-To-Door Storage

Door-To-Door Storage offers one single type of moving container that measures to 7’ x 5’x 8’. However, a single container can hold up to one and a half room of furniture or 50 medium-sized moving boxes. Plus, the floor of the storage container has a four-inch skid for easier loading and improved protection. Additionally, Door-To-Door Storage also offers a weather-resistance cover to place over your storage container outside to better protect your belongings.

5. United Mayflower

The container units offered by United Mayflower come in one standard size. These units measure 16 ft by 8 ft by 8 ft. They are also made with a steel frame, aluminum side panels, and a roll-up door. The container is also waterproof. On the interior, the walls are completely smooth and tie down rings are pre-installed. This provides a lot of security for your belongings and will prevent them from getting damaged when being transported. United Mayflower also offers both full service and do it yourself moving options.


SMARTBOX portable containers only come in one size, 7 ft by 5 ft by 8 ft. The unit can hold up to 2,000 pounds of stuff and can easily hold up to a room and a half of furniture. Loading up your container is easy thanks to the doors which are on piano hinges. SMARTBOX also gives their customers as much time as they need to pack up their container. They will come pick it up whenever you are ready. As an added bonus, the company provides up to 30 days of storage already factored into the price.

7. ZippyShell

ZippyShell stands out from the rest of the container companies on this list thanks to one thing, wheels. Their containers are actually trailers with wheels which makes it much easier to maneuver and transport. The company stores your moving container in a climate controlled facility. The company can easily deliver your unit to you with one simple phone call. This is another time the wheels come in handy. Containers are available in either a 10 foot, 70 square foot unit or a 15 foot, 105 square foot unit.

8. COWs (Container on Wheels)

As the name would suggest, these containers are on wheels. However, unlike ZippyShell, these are not trailer wheels. These containers have smaller wheels which make it easy for renters to move their unit around. This makes renting a unit from COWs convenient and very useful. Additionally, you can keep your COW unit at your home or work for as long as you want. If you do not want to keep the container on your property, COWs can store it at one of their facilities or move it anywhere in the country for you. The containers are all made by COWs, too. This is one of the best options for truly portable storage.