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For those looking to move overseas, using a moving container may be one of the most efficient ways to move. Although moves tend to hold plenty of challenges, in this article we will explore how to ship moving containers overseas to make your move stress-free with this new transition.

Deciding on an International Moving Container Company

There are plenty of moving container companies that claim to offer international services, but there are plenty of restrictions they like to add on which could cripple your move. Plus, there are also some companies that only provide service to delivering containers in the US or Canada, which barely registers as “international.”

Before you plan on deciding to go with one specific moving container company, first contact the company and ask if they provide service to where you need your moving container shipped. Trust us when we say this should be your fist question. However, another way you can make sure your moving container company is good for you and your move is to check out their experience in moving containers internationally.

International Moves: Special Factors And Concerns

Since you are moving out of the country, there are a few extra special considerations you will need to keep in mind. This includes factors like certain paperwork, security, and insurance.

If you were moving within the United States, your homeowner’s insurance would cover your belongings while in transit. However, this is not the case for international moves. You will need to purchase a special policy for your possessions while they are in the shipping container. These policies usually cover damage, theft, and loss.

The shipping company will also require you to keep a record of everything that is packed in the shipping container. You will need to carefully document every single belonging that is going in the container. Though this is important during any move, it is doubly important during international moves.

When the shipping company comes to pick up the container, they will seal the container and give it a tag number. Make sure they do so before they take the container away. You should also keep any relevant documents about your container with you when you are traveling to your new home.

What To Do When The Container Arrives

Make sure you inspect the container thoroughly before you sign off on the delivery. Look for signs of exterior damage and check out all your belongings inside too. Most likely, if you chose a trustworthy shipping company, nothing will be wrong with the container. However, accidents do occur. The boat may have experienced tumultuous weather while on its way to you. If the container was not secured well enough, it may have been shaken or damaged. This is why it never hurts to check before signing off. Though these occurrences are rare, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Important Documents To Keep With You

When you are moving overseas, there are a few important documents that you and everyone that you are moving with will need to keep with them. Make sure you do not accidentally pack them up. These documents include:

  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Inoculation records
  • Credit/Debit cards and cash
  • Shipping information for your moving container including the mover’s name, address, the container number, seal numbers, the number of units, and the expected departure and arrival date.

You should also be sure to give you contact information to the shipping container company. Provide them with your phone number and new address so that they can get in contact with you if need be.